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Let's solve the world's big problems.

You read the news every day. You have time or money to give and you want to make a difference.

You know that causes around the world need your help. But you don't know where to start.

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Reprioritized is a curated list of articles presenting useful and actionable information focusing on the following fundamental issues facing humanity:

Reprioritized aims to break out of western mainstream media's information bubble by drawing from sources in non-English speaking countries as much as possible.

Let's take a look at a sample write up:

The Jakarta Post: A hunger for coal threatens The Heart of Borneo - coverage of what is happening in an area described as "some of the world’s most important equatorial forests which act as ‘lungs of the earth’".

The project could see more than a billion tons of coal dug up from an area of global significance, where indigenous people have lived for generations amid the forests and rivers.
A WWF report released this month said that the Heart of Borneo has lost 10 percent of its forest cover since 2007. More of the area has been licensed to mining and logging companies than has been protected in national parks and nature reserves.

Researching information like this takes time and resources.

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